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From left to right:
Pensions Pocket Book 2017, published December 2016, World Economics—two sample pages.*
Will Jones' Space Adventures: The Zadrilian Queen, by Christine Thompson-Wells, published 2008, Planet Press Ltd—two sample pages.
Hieronymus Münzer's Itinerary, published 2014, James Firth (translator)—two sample pages.
Making Cash Flow, by Christine Thompson-Wells, published 2009, Planet Press Ltd.
39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery, by Christine Thompson-Wells, published 2009, Planet Press Ltd.
The Guide for Pension Trustees, looseleaf manual updated quarterly with accompanying website, Economic and Financial Publishing Ltd—two sample 2012 pages.*

*   Links to the publisher's subscription pages for the Pensions Pocket Book and the Guide for Pension Trustees (which is now published by Pendragon) have been placed in the sample PDF pages. If your browser does not display the highlight (some don't), click on the name of the publication, at the bottom of the sample page.

The Planet Press titles are available through Amazon, and Münzer's Itinerary can be purchased by e-mailing

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