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My Services pages describe various editing services I offer. This page describes how I can help you publish your work yourself.

Similar elements are involved in publishing in many formats (printed, e-book, online), and audio and video versions involve extra stages. Electronic publishing can offer marketing advantages but is as complex as print publishing, so you should decide what format(s) you want to publish in and plan and budget for each separately. The production options are:

(1)  a firm offering an 'all-in' service—read the small print carefully,
(2)  using specialists (I am one) for different parts of the process,
(3)  doing some parts yourself and using specialists for others, and
(4)  doing it all yourself.

Many processes are straightforward, and a lot of help and advice is available (sometimes free and/or online), so decisions might come down to balancing time against money. My simple production plan lists the decisions you will need to take and has a pro forma plan attached that you can use to record what you decide and manage the project. If you wish to go into this in more detail, see my book production process chart, which also has a pro forma plan attached. I would be happy to help you develop a plan.


Professional standards

I am an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). As such, I am bound by the Society's Code of Practice.

To see my credentials, download my CV in PDF format.

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