John Firth Proofreader & Copy Editor


When I work for publishers and other organisations

I am an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). As such, I am bound by the Society's Code of Practice. My charges are normally SfEP's suggested minimum fee rates.

As I understand it, a contract is created between us if I e-mail you, saying 'I can do this, that and the other, which will take [time] and cost [money]', and you reply 'fine, go ahead' or 'do this and that, but not the other'. If you require more formal documentation, I suggest we adopt SfEP's model terms and conditions; or I will happily consider any written terms and conditions you propose before asking me to do any work for you. Normally, I charge for work at the end of each job or agreed stage, and my normal terms are 30 days from invoice date. I have not registered for VAT.

To see my credentials, download my CV in PDF format.

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